About Me

My name is Shreyas Skandan and I’m currently a PhD Student in the CIS Programme at the University of Pennsylvania. I’m part of the G.R.A.S.P Laboratory, at the Kumar Robotics Lab under Dr. Camillo J. Taylor and I previously worked at the Rehabilitation Robotics Lab under Dr. Michelle Johnson. My research focus is Computer Vision and Deep Learning applied to mobile robots, with a special interest in stereo depth estimation.

I previously worked as an Application Developer at the Kumar Robotics Lab, after I graduated from the M.S.E in Robotics programme at Penn.

I worked on my Master’s Thesis under Dr. Camillo J. Taylor, which was “A survey of High Performance Dense Stereo Algorithms for Real Time Depth Estimation” – a video of the presentation can be found here.


Apr 18 2019 - DFuseNet: Deep Fusion of RGB and Sparse Depth Information - pre-print | code

Apr 07 2019 - DARPA Subterranean Integration Exercise (STIX)

Feb 21 2019 - ICRA 2019 Accepted Papers

Nov 21 2018 - Real Time Dense Depth Estimation by Fusing Stereo with Sparse Depth Measurements - pre-print | code

Oct 24 2018 - NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference - Jetson Developer Day Talk - video

Oct 03 2018 - Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit - Initial Thoughts