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Stereo and Sparse Depth Fusion

less than 1 minute read


Code for our paper “Real Time Dense Depth Estimation by Fusing Stereo with Sparse Depth Measurements” is now on GitHub - CODE

GTC DC 2018 - Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Day

less than 1 minute read


I was invited to speak at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference for at their NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Day. Here is a video from the talk. The talk is mainly centered around the use of the NVIDIA Jetson platform on our quadrotors and some information regarding the autonomous UAV software stack that was designed at our lab.

Jetson Xavier - Initial Thoughts

5 minute read


Ever since the Jetson Xavier was announced, I’ve been itching to get my hands on one of them to put it through it’s paces. Thanks to James over at Ghost Robotics I finally get to play with one of these. I’ve spent a fair amount of time with the Jetson TX1 and Jetson TX2 and I will be making direct comparisons to the Xavier’s predecessor, the TX2.


Gesture Controlled Robot Arm


An old project from my undergrad - Arduino and Leap Motion based wireless gesture controlled robotic arm

DARPA - Fast Lightweight Autonomy


The goal of the FLA program is to explore non-traditional perception and autonomy methods that could enable a new class of algorithms for minimalistic high-speed navigation in cluttered environments.